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Unlike other Athens hostels and cheap hotels, we used to be located in the northern part of the city, thus our name. Today, we have decided to relocate in the historical centre of Athens, still keeping our character and style, right next door to our other Athens hostel: AthenStyle, famous for its unforgettable roof terrace.

We have chosen the real heart of the city, a short walk from the Ancient Agora and the Acropolis, finding the perfect location between the colorful Monastiraki, home to the Athens Flea Market and the unique neighborhood of “Psyri” heart of Athens nightlife and a new artistic community that has shaped its studios amidst the food market, small wholesales shops of domestic products, theatres and old little stores.

Athens being not only the Acropolis and the Museums (which you will find anyway at walking distance), Soph & Chris Athens Northern Backpackers in cooperation with AthenStyle and the Athens Art & Culture Association will help you discover the real and contemporary part of the city of music, art and street culture, events, exhibitions etc

Enjoy people watching in one of the cafés on Psyri little streets, chatting for hours in front of a FRAPPE’ (shakered ice-coffee), sitting in one of the terraces under the Greek sun. But do not drink it all at once: “going for a coffee” PAME GIA KAFE’ is a whole culture in Greece, you have to enjoy it slowly, sip by sip, leaving at the end the coffee foam on the bottom of the glass. Just ask us and we’ll take you out for a go!